Internet Marketing Training for Small Business

Association of Irish Festival Events (AOIFE)

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  • Internet Marketing Training
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • E-mail Marketing


To deliver SEO business case briefings and implement best-practice training programmes in web content, usability and design, email marketing, analytics and social media to festival and event organisers participating in seminar and conference events.

The core objective was to implement a comprehensive online communications strategy with respect to Membership, diasporic festivals and national and international partners incorporating sector training opportunities, supplies and services, and event-based news.


Following a content, design and usability review of 400 festival websites, findings were presented at annual conference, following which a training needs analysis was conducted, specific programmes were designed and presentations commenced.

The guiding principle was to enable content-ownership of – and not just responsibility for - online communications to festival organiser(s).


Significant milestone continue to materialise in both the training and online communication strategies, leading to increased, productive, hands-on deployment by growing numbers of Irish festivals of email, web and social media channels for Irish event marketing.

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